American Commissioning Group
American Commissioning Group
Specializing in independent 3rd party commissioning

The American Commissioning Group is dedicated to working on behalf of the building owner by delivering a facility with systems that perform as specified, intended and paid for. We have the required expertise through engineers and certified technicians to provide commissioning services in accordance with industry standards, guidelines and building codes.

Benefits of Commissioning

• Commissioning delivers “third party” validation of the completion of the building project.
• Commissioning results provide a baseline touch-point for system design and operation to the building staff.
• Enhanced and improved documentation is delivered to the building staff for the installed systems.
• The Commissioning process results in a significant reduction in “warranty call backs” for work required from discovery of non-performing parts of systems after initial building occupancy.
• "Studies indicate 8 to 20 percent savings can be achieved in operating costs over a non-commissioned building (Building Commissioning Guide, Version 2.2, GSA/DOE)."
• The energy, water and productivity savings achieved in a properly commissioned building offset the cost of the entire commissioning process.

BOMA reports that Commissioning and LEED Certification provides the following financial benefits to building management:

• 5 – 6% increase in lease rates
• 3 – 4% increase in occupancy rates
• Over 20% increase in resale value

Whole Building Commissioning Energy Audits (ASHRAE Level 1, 2 & 3)
CalGreen T24 Code Commissioning ASHRAE 62.1 Ventilation Air Testing
LEED Commissioning Measurement & Verification (M&V)
Retro-Commissioning Testing and Balance (TAB)
Building System Optimization Independent Design Review
EPA Energy Star Certifications
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Our company is affiliated with the American Air Balance Company for professional independent testing and analysis services.
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